Lake Gaston, North Carolina | Boutique Waterfront Community
Sold Out as of July 2021

About Roanoke Reserve and the Developers


Roanoke Reserve is part of the former Senator H. B. Moseley farm on the Roanoke River that pre-dates the creation of the lake. While the farming “Low Grounds” adjacent to the river were flooded when the lake was completed in 1963, the higher elevation land became premier, highly coveted Lake Gaston property — much of which has remained in the family and undeveloped. Al and Anne Hartley (granddaughter of Sen. Moseley) have planned Roanoke Reserve in a manner that preserves the history, legacy, and the magic of this very special place on Lake Gaston.

When Al and Anne Hartley began exploring possibilities of developing this beautiful, multi-generational lakefront property, they realized early on that conventional subdivision approaches would be hard for them to embrace. That would have meant clearing beautifully wooded land, opting for the maximum quantity of minimum-sized lots, and eliminating the special ambience of the environment. Doing so would have destroyed the essence of this exceptional property. Plus it was out of alignment with the Hartleys personal values and sense of stewardship for the land.

As the Lake Gaston market matured where interest in more space coupled with upscale waterfront communities began to converge, the Hartleys saw this as perfect alignment with their ideas and best use of the property. They elected to move forward making the Reserve a reality by engaging a small core team of specialized professionals to help them achieve their vision that can now be shared with a small number of like-minded buyers. Each exclusive Roanoke Reserve property offers space and privacy for your custom year-round lake home, accessory buildings, and amenities of choice on the water and off shore — with plenty of buffer from your neighbor. The unusually deep cove is ideal for swimming, floating, and just playing in the water — like a private oasis.

Al & Kylie Whether you are looking for a special place on the water to 1) create your own multi-generation family compound in a private setting with lots of space or 2) to downside and simplify in more of a community setting, there is no better place to live year-round and make that special destination to escape to relax, recharge and spend quality time with family and friends — creating priceless memories.

Elevated views connected to the shores of Lake Gaston offer simple pleasures of earth, sky, and water accented by the splendor of nature. A place to live, to love, to cherish and keep — each exclusive property provides ample space for you to breathe your own air, and to enjoy the quiet serendipity that you deserve.

EPILOG: The Reserve was initially introduced in the Fall of 2007 - just when the economic downturn hit. Things were quiet for 5 years and property interest changed; smaller lots were in demand again. So the Hartley's redivided some of the lots to create smaller options closer to the entrance to the cove while still retaining the vision and quality of lifestyle value proposition. They also added the remainder of the cove property they kept initially to the Reserve offering. In addition the Hartleys invited Sid Cutts of Corbitt Hills Construction to be their featured custom home builder. The Reserve's first family purchased in 2013 and their beautiful custom home was built by Sid Cutts and Corbitt Hills Construction who has since built all of the homes and boat houses in the Reserve. They ultimately settled in with Crystal Dickens as their exclusive Listing Agent who did a great job representing the difference and value of the Reserve. The final property was sold in 2021.

Anne and Al could not be prouder of how the Reserve turned out and the new owners who became part of its heritage and legacy for the future.

Kind regards from the Hartleys.